crossing the pond

Transartfest | Art Biennial, July 27 – August 9, 2013, Berlin

My newest film, The Blue of Distance, has been selected for its’ international premiere in Berlin this August at transartfest!


Film Screening Date: August 5 – 9

Venue: Supermarkt, Berlin, Germany

Trans-ideology: Nostalgia aims to show a selection of new video works from international artists that cover a wide range of ideas surrounding the concept of nostalgia. Fabio DaSilva and Jim Faught suggest in their article ‘Nostalgia: A Sphere and Process of Contemporary Ideology’ (1982) that nostalgia isolates and mythicises selected objects from the past so that we feel we are enjoying a more tranquil and conflictless past. This nostalgic past is somehow not completely the reality, rather, it is ambiguous and is purified. DaSilva and Faught indicate that the past is usually perceived as more tranquil than the present. The nostalgic past ignores real material conditions and tensions, and embraces an emotional utopia.

Nostalgia offers a comfort zone where we find a peaceful and conflictless past, and where we escape from the hectic and demanding real life in capitalist society. As nostalgia reduces our critical engagement with the past, history is not entirely real but is selected and mythical. Therefore, nostalgia is based on either dreamy and subjective views of the past, or fantasy about the future. The screening aims to show selected lens-based work which is created with the ideology of recalling the internal and utopian world of individuals – either a nostalgic past or a fantasised future.


c_SBRunette b_SBrunetteThe Blue of Distance is a meditation on memory, the past and on the false-truths that surface when nostalgia sets into our bones. By capturing footage of the calmness of the mountains, the gentle movement of prayer flags, the shifting fog, the sounds of sutras and the beauty of the people to express a meditation on landscape and cultural dialogue. Utilizing film and video as a tool to investigate the past, present and future through a poetic and complex interplay between images, to offer an opportunity for reflection.