glass half full

Anderson Center – August 2012

Well, here I am…half way through my month at the Anderson Center in Red Wing, MN & it is a glass half full kinda moment…

I have been more productive in the last 14 days out in the prairie of Minnesota than I was in 2-years of graduate school…& I’m not going into debt while making the sacrifices to create – go art camp, I mean art residency!

First 10 days, to begin observing again…my walks to the studio started with finding an object from the ground to bring to my studio for getting the eye to see & the hand to draw. To aid in the transition from the big city to the green prairie, to begin the creative process…to move from tangible objects in nature to the intangible imagery of Super 8 & video.


Last few days, renegade film installation – playing with the Lure of the Local. One old film I knew would be a perfect match for this house we have the pleasure to live in with ghosts to ignite our dreamy nights…renamed this piece, The Horse Machine after discovery a similar device here on the front porch.

Visitors, from brief family fun, dog cuddles, lunch with friends & babies or babies in the bellies…it has been an amazing 15 days…now, onto the next half! Just a quick sharing below of our turtle friends…& not to miss an opportunity to embarrass myself with my love for the old man baby dog!

And, go check out my studio mate Brandon Neubauer who has been an amazing resource from video production gear to the studio jams to kicking creative ass…we have fully assimilated to the studio practice life-style on these beautiful historic (creepy) grounds.