My work is often inspired through collaborative projects. I would like to take this moment to highlight some of these collaborations, from Brooklyn Campfire days to the days ahead.

Brooklyn Campfire, I want to thank my fellow instigators and extremely talented friends Annette Strean & Kirk Cornelius, Tracy Bonham, all the other artists who participated in these events at Union Hall and Jack McFadden for letting us take the place over.

Dance & film work, I would like to thank Vanessa Walters and Deliquescent Designs, watch out for more from these collaborations in the future. From Alaska to Brooklyn to Saint Paul!

And specifically, big thanks to Anthony Pinciotti for his original musical score for my film entitled, The Blue of Distance. And a piece also with Anthony and Green Lotus Project, Lotus Landscape.

Thank you to all my collaborators past, present and future for their confidence in my work and for making art that bleeds life, love and friendship.