Project Fundraiser

Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. This India fundraising effort has Lakshmi spirit!

Your generosity of a sponsorship for my participation in The Raghurajpur International Art/Craft Exchange beginning September 23 – supports a safe, memorable and enriching experience. The Raghurajpur International Art/Craft Exchange (RIA/CE) is an opportunity for contemporary/conceptual artists to exchange ideas and skills with the traditional/tribal craftspeople of Orissa, India. Twenty international artists were selected to participate in RIA/CE 2011 and I am honored to be one of them. Any donation received from near or far is immensely appreciated.

How your support will help make this adventure and professional development opportunity that much more possible…

safe…medical expenses, malaria pills, water purifier, travel insurance, specialty gear and let’s not forget the much needed sunscreen, I will need multiple bottles!

memorable…traditional art materials, camera gear (lots of memory cards), video gear and I can’t go without my gramma’s Super 8 and loads of super 8 film plus film processing when I return in November.

enriching experience…to be fully there in Raghurajpur, ‘where every villager is an artist and every home is a studio.’


Lakshmi Donor $25 – be a goddess sponsor and receive a prayer flag created with 1 of 3 original drawings by artist Nicole S. Fernandez.

Ganjapa Donor $50 – be a card holding sponsor and receive one exquisite painting on a circular card played in the 16th Century in Orissa. NOTE: Card holders will receive cards upon my return.

Pata Chitra Donor $150 – be a pata painting sponsor and receive one exquisite traditional Indian painting, which is done on cloth. NOTE: Pata Chitra Donor’s will receive paintings upon my return, created by me or a village artisan.

PLEASE NOTE: preferred payment method is to log in to your paypal account, go to ‘send money’ tab and donate as a ‘gift’ through the ‘personal’ payment tab, thank you for your generosity & electronic savvy!

Any donation is so appreciated!